They didn’t lie…

So we got about 12 to 14 inches in our neighborhood (below), less in a few, more in some. Why, why, why couldn’t this have come Sunday night. 🙂


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  1. Beautiful!

    Don’t you wish you had our weather?

    High of around 60 today, 71 tomorrow, 73 Thurs,… and 39 (the HIGH) on Sunday!!!

    I remember the occasional snow when we were kids. Wonder if my kids will ever see any snow in SW Mississippi?

  2. This was our first real snow this year. We get usually one good snowfall a year, maybe two. One year it snowed every weekend almost, with one being 24 inches!

    I can deal with 14 inches, and the major roads never got bad. My only problem, is that there are no sidewalks for a good week or so after anything over 9 inches. So I can’t walk to the bus! Of course the sidewalks are cleared on campus the day of the snow! So neither classes nor work is ever cancelled! Grrrrr. 🙂

    As for the kids, you’ll probably have to travel with them one year to a snowy place. 🙂 Though you never know, the weather patterns get weirder every year—we’ll have a high of 50 on Friday after having lower 60s quite a few days in January! Unheard of! Maybe y’all will get 14 inches of snow one year. 😀 They’d call it a natural disaster and shut everything down for a month. 🙂

    Watch the photos at the top, though, I’ll put more “messy snow” photos as time passes. It’s a burden after the first few days, with mounds not melting for a MONTH sometimes. One year, the piles were still around in MAY!

  3. I got accustomed to seeing snow several times a year in college. (Even though I was still in Mississippi) Cleveland got snow at least 3 or 4 times a year. Granted NEVER 14 inches, but at least enough to get out and play a little. And then there was the ice storm of ’94… ( now is it just me or did that sound like it should have been coming out of my Grandmother’s mouth?)

  4. I don’t understand the mentality of the snow plow people…the major roads are usually clear and lovely, then turn into any development and BAM! ice, snow, not a lick of salt down. And my neighborhood pays for the plowing!? It may just be easier to not plow it and leave the snow–for traction and such. Sheesh! I hope class was fun tonight.

  5. Our streets were mostly clear on Sunday, then Monday they cleared all the parking spaces when we were at work. So I don’t know… maybe they’re just sloppy down your way. 🙂

  6. Or the remaining piles everywhere? LOL I’m still climbing over dirty, disgusting snow to get to the bus. The neighbor kids (the crazy boys across the back lot) are still eating the snow! I guess they think it’s the high-fiber variety? Chocolate flavored? I’m scared. So very scared.

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