Screw you guys, I’m going home… almost.

I finally got the grade for my independent study! That ensures my 3.0 cumulative GPA for graduation. Not that it gets any reward—my rank sucks, and that’s key to any kind of recognition. I don’t even qualify for the English Honor Society because of my rank. The GPA is fine. The English GPA is great. But the rank kills.

Oh, well…at least I made Dean’s List for ONCE! (You can’t make it without being full time, and this was my first full time semester in, oh, 13 years! 😀 )

------------------------Fall 2005----------------------SR-R
ANTH-320-010 PREHISTORY:NORTH AMERICA         A   3 12.000
ANTH-487-011 TUTORIAL IN ARCHAEOLOGY          A   3 12.000
ENGL-333-010 BRITISH ROMANTICISM              A-  3 11.000
ENGL-366-106 INDEPENDENT STUDY                A   3 12.000
POSC-405-410 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW OF US         A-  3 11.000
        AHRS   EHRS  QHRS   QPTS    GPA     RANK
Term          15   15.00   15   58.000  3.867
Cumulative   149  143.00  143  438.000  3.063  2338/4387
Academic Status: Dean's List.

And I’ll quote a local realtor’s TV spot after reveling in his own success: Bragging? No, I’m applying for a job.

And I still don’t know about the ceremonies. The closer they get, the less I’m interested.



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