Burnout and Change

Okay. So yeah, I only have two classes. Yeah, one of them is pretty much a joke other than exams which I hate. Yes, the other is in one of my majors and on a subject I like. But working full-time and having a life on top of that, I honestly don’t have the time to write a 6+ page RESEARCH paper every week.

I had all day Sunday, Monday night, and lunch/breaks today to write two 6 page papers. That for me is usually enough. I had done the research and was good to go. I only had to skim the readings, pull out useful info and write. No big deal. WRONG. Much of my time was spent staring at the screen, being distracted by the real world, and at other times just frustrated to the point of having to leave the room.

I’m burned out. There’s no reason I couldn’t write 12 pages in about two days. In all honesty, I had all last week (vacation) to work on them, and one of them was in fact due the week before spring break—sickness delayed that.

At any rate. I’m done. I can’t research/write anymore. I’m not even giving a shit at this point. There are what, six weeks left in classes, meaning six more papers? Then one non-cumulative exam. Should be easy—but it won’t be. Why? Because I’m done. I’m spent. I’m too fucking old for all this. I want to strangle flip-flopped bitches on the stairs, and I want to smack the cackly bitches in class—you know the ones—the Jersey girls that sterilize men with their shrill babble! I don’t want to be around twits anymore. I’m done!

All this makes it so much easier to finalize my decision on graduation ceremonies. FUCK THAT. I’m not going. I don’t need any added stress. I have no desire to add bullshit upon bullshit, especially over cap/gown, invitations, etc. Just give me my damn diploma (two months after the ceremonies) and leave me the hell alone for a few years!

Grad school should be fine, though getting there will be a chore. I’m ready for a new job—a new CAREER instead of dead-end, brain rotting boredom. At most, that’s two years away—at the earliest, it’s this summer! In that arena, I’m also done, spent, and so over it. Time for change like you wouldn’t believe! sips wine, goes to bed

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