gewgaw [G(Y)OO-gaw], noun:
A showy trifle; a trinket; a bauble.


Just a tidbit to let the world know I’m alive.

Spring semester just ended, and the graphic arts/book arts/literary show was Thursday. Good times for all! Summer session begins on Tuesday, so I had only a bit of rest. This summer I’ll be taking “Advanced Digital Foundations” and “Flash Animation.” I’m excited about those. I love the digital stuff! But in fall, I have to hunker down with some literature!

There is no summer party this year–just too busy. I’m sure all my adoring fans will find other activities to amuse them.

No trips or activities for ME until late September–the trip to the mountains is still a go! Believe me, I’m going to need that getaway! I still have to get that bottle of bubbles!

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