As has been mentioned elsewhere, it’s time for a whole new me. So what’s that all about?

It’s partly a warning:

  • I’m growing tired of swimming upstream with driftwood dragging at my heels–and/or hitting me in the face. So, I’ll be tossing it to the banks. Take that as you will.
  • I’m growing tired of ignorance, and I’m losing the ability to just overlook it.
  • I’m compassionate and selfless by nature, but sometimes I tire of putting others before myself. Be prepared to be pushed aside now and then.
  • I have a pretty full life, and quite enjoy it. Please don’t expect me to participate in trivial junk. I just lack the time or interest. I tend to live in reality. When the unicorns fly by, then we can talk about living a fantasy life.

It’s partly a self-assessment:

  • I’m tired of eating crap just because I’m always busy. Eating crap=feeling like crap. Something’s got to give…
  • I’m tired of being at the computer 15 hours a day. I have to work, and I have to do classwork, so some trivial things will have to go.
  • I need more focus, despite being pulled in all directions at all times. I’m cutting some strings.

Why now?

Well, it’s a new year, a new semester (my last), and hopefully a new day in America, as well. But mostly it’s because I have about 8 months to get things together for some major changes in my life. I need to look good and feel good before I can expect to appeal to employers. Some things have to give, and some have to go. Priorities have to be updated, and attitudes need to change. Change is part of life, after all. Swim or sink, kiddies, swim or sink.

Keep up with me here. Bookmark it, or whatever, but for some folks, this will be the only way to keep up with me for a while.


2 Replies to “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. well..just wow…so splendid to read.

    just remember, unicorns are not so far off, glenn..and i know you’ll find them one day…and you’ll find beauty in that driftwood as well..i know i always have.

    i know you’re on a new path now, and i know you’ll handle it so brilliantly.

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