Seasons Change…People Change.

Autumn is all but gone. The colors seemed to come out of nowhere, bursting in beautiful intensity until all the world seemed to have a new coat of paint. It was magical—short, but magical. I really wasn’t expecting much this year, considering the near-drought conditions of summer that caused many trees to drop leaves a month early. But somehow, nature held back just enough for the big finale.

Isn’t that how life should be though? Full of surprises, born out of both restraint and bursts of activity? Nature has few real rules, and sometimes it’s too bad life can’t be that way. Most of us change—some more than others. The confines of life sometimes smother us as we change. We get trapped in some life that no longer feels like it belongs to us. I know that feeling all too well. Perhaps as the last leaves fall from the trees, I’ll be able to show my true colors again. I think I’ve held back long enough.

It’s a thought.

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