Hope Springs…

It’s getting a bit cliché, but spring means it’s time for renewal and growth.

This spring, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m renewing myself, my dreams, and my goals—or trying to, at least. I’ve already been working on myself in a few ways, including health, attitude, and self-confidence. (I’ve been known to doubt myself on occasion.) I’m even renewing and refocusing my web presence.

Now I have to put the wheels in motion for more change.

I have already refreshed my resume, and now I’m moving on to better the skill-set that I’m touting, like web design skills, technical skills, and whatever else I can get my hands on.

Everything changes. (And quickly!) We can embrace the beauty of it and try to grow strong before the storms come in, or we can be stunted and wither away in the extremes that are sure to come.

I try, at least.

8 Replies to “Hope Springs…”

  1. who would we be without change?  (yikes.)
    huzzah for renewal!  especially when there’s so much inspiration to be found with nature right now.

  2. Susanne, I’m sure we can both think of a few people. 🙂
    Carleen, does this mean you’re getting a bazillion emails when I post something new? I hope not, since I’ve been editing and rearranging stuff. 🙂 

  3. have no fear glenny, no i’m not getting inundated with emails.
    actually i received this one a while ago and (as per usual) i couldn’t figure out how to respond to it. nut that i am!!

    1.  @carleen Ah. That’s because I finished it a while back but wasn’t ready to post it. It got posted accidentally a few times while i was changing things around. (This was originally on the PhotoBlog, and migrated over here.)

  4. YAY!!! then it wasn’t something i did wrong….i think you know how great that makes me feel!
    well, regardless, it was beautiful. happy quests to you……..

  5. the commenting thingie is working just fine for me. i get an email notification and that alerts me. so it’s all good on my end.

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