Sometimes Mother Nature Isn’t a Raging Bitch.

Sometimes most of our pleasure is held in the simple, natural things. Walking to the bus stop every day, I pass trees that are on fire with color. There are more on campus and around Newark.

Although this seems to be the best foliage in years, I haven’t have time to go out to either wildlife preserve yet. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow if I get that Constitutional law paper and a few anthropology assignments done today. Sigh.

Anyway, I don’t think any of us expected fall to be so great. We had a drought (no rain for 30 days at a time), followed by two hurricanes that pushed flooding rains our way. It was hot, then seemed to get cool quickly. At the last possible minute, the temps evened out—a bit warmer than normal instead of moving to cold. In the end, it’s the most beautiful fall I’ve ever seen.

I guess when nature surprises you in such ways, despite all the recent madness, you know just how complicated yet beautiful the world can be.

Mother Nature!

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