In case anyone noticed, some new links have appeared to the left under “Music Finds.” I’ve been poring over looking for good non-industry music. Well some is technically industry, but hot highly so, meaning they may be signed to big labels but not getting placed on “The O.C.” or MTV’s “Super Sweet 16” to make money for the millionaire suits.

One such band is The Gabe Dixon Band. They are signed to Warner/Reprise, but they are certainly not music whores like J-Lo or Horse-Teeth, I mean Hilary Duff. I have not seen Gabe Dixon on MTV or VH1, the usual means for “making it big.” They are just cool musicians making a living with their craft! Another bonus, they sound good live as evidenced by the free live MP3s on their website. Because they offer ALL their music free on their website, I am MORE likely to go buy their CDs. Of course it won’t be at Best Buy or Circuit City, much less Wal-Mart, because they are not the talent-lacking money-making media whores that such places prefer. So I’ll probably buy it directly from the band’s website.

Anyway, check them out, especially “All Will Be Well,” and keep watching the links in my blog’s sidebar. If I find I have enough time to keep this up, I may devote a full page to the great unknown musicians out there. Otherwise, I’ll just post info about them here occasionally. So far, I’ve bookmarked about 60 such groups and artists! Many more are out there busting their butts entertaining audiences while no-talent artists become millionaires by pure marketing! And of course there ARE industry artists who started out busting their butts with their talent and who’ve maintained their individuality: John Mayer and Jason Mraz to name a few.

It’s just getting harder and harder for real talent to show up on the radio and the shelves at Wal-Mart. This is just my small attempt to help fix that.


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