What the hell!?

What the hell is wrong with people?

So now, parents are suing MySpace because they don’t know how to watch their children. I really wasn’t aware that now parents think MySpace should do their job? They already think schools and TV should raise their kids—but MySpace?

One of the “victims,” a 15-year-old Texas girl, was “lured into meeting” an adult she met on MySpace. How did she drive there? Where were her parents? Did they ever teach her to never meet anyone alone, much less an adult? Did they simply raise an idiot and want someone to blame?

Another “victim,” a 14-year-old girl was going to meet someone she thought to be a high school senior? What was a 14-year-old girl doing meeting a supposed high school senior? Again, how did she get to his house? Were her parents okay with her dating a 17 to 18 year old high school senior? Some parenting skills.

Sexual assault is NEVER an excusable offense, and these pervs definitely deserve what they get. Most were caught and are serving time. But now the parents want to cash in on their own bad parenting skills.

Can I sue them for fostering yet more ignorance and stupidity into my world.

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