Oh, Spare Me!

Since everyone seems to be so incredibly offended by this television moment, I thought I’d add it here for posterity.

Sure people complained about the crotch-grabbing, teabagging, and general raunchiness—some of which was certainly a bit much—the part that was actually blacked out in my viewing area was this kiss. That’s it.

Women kissing men—fine. Men grabbing women’s crotches—fine. Women grabbing men’s crotches—fine. But an off-the-cuff kiss between two guys—so terrible the public must be protected! And how often has a girl-on-girl kiss been blacked out in the last ten years? None, to my knowledge.

So yeah, screw you, WPVI in Philadelphia, for thinking you know better than I do what I should watch on TV. I’m a grown-ass man with no sniveling children to shelter from reality. Rest assured, if I did have kids, they’d have been watching so I could explain just how close that black screen was to fascism. I’ll be watching no further local programing on your station. Anything I need from ABC is online.

Photo credit: Associated Press, via Yahoo! News. Sun Nov 22, 11:44 PM ET

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