Getting Jazzy

For all its quaint, laid-back charm, Vermont likes a good time!

Having a few errands in the Burlington area, I decided to check out a few of the free outdoor performances of the Discover Jazz Festival—and to see how much Vermonters enjoy the outdoor shows. I was not disappointed.

On the center block of the Marketplace, Burlington’s own The High Breaks were performing their not-quite-jazz but very enjoyable surf rock. I believe I heard covers of “Wipe Out” and “Misirlou” in there, but I was a bit distracted by the spectators.

First, there was the lady dancing alone just outside the Town Center. She might have been old enough to remember such music in the 60s, but she was still young enough to groove it out. Even my camera didn’t cause her to miss a beat.

There was also a young guy offering up dances to any willing ladies. The only taker I saw was an older lady who certainly didn’t mind performing in public. They were both flirty and had quite a time together! There were many impromptu dancers at all three stages, but theirs was the performance that made my day! Rock on, spunky lady! Rock on!

As an added bonus, I recorded a bit of video of the highly animated singer of New Nile Orchestra.


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