Come Fly With Me

Since this has been a “normal” Vermont winter, for the most part, I haven’t bothered documenting much. We’ve just had the usual accumulating snow for the last two months, with no big snow storms, and the typical piles of snow line the streets and the driveway.

The cold hasn’t been nearly that of previous winters—no –20°F mornings to speak of, not that I’m complaining. Despite that, the icicles reached new heights this year, with many topping out at 4 to 5 feet long before this week’s thaw. (Nothing like having crashing ice all day while working from home!)

All that said, it’s been a very “tame” winter so far. I guess that makes it a bit easier to see the beauty of it without being too jaded.

So, let’s fly over Barre!

Or, if you need a bit of nature, perhaps the nearby “Cow Pasture” wildlife preserve will do.

Kudos to Michael, whoever he is!

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