Happiness is…

Sometimes life is good.

I don’t know why exactly, but sometimes sitting on the sofa with the windows open and listening to music online just makes life seem grand. The only interruption to the music is a sudden breeze or a random bird coming close to the window. The traffic is light, and it seems everyone is gone out to enjoy the fantastic weather.

Sure my nostrils are almost closed from the allergies, but guess what helps that, as well? A sofa sing-along! Thank God for a catchy tune from Daniel Powter (“Bad Day”) on MySpace (And your local radio station now that he’s hitting it big in the US).

Catching up with old friends is also a good thing, especially when you find one after, oh 20 years! Yeah, it makes me feel old as shit to even say I’ve found a friend after 20 years, but oh well. I’ve no idea why we lost touch other than lives go different ways. Sometimes it just happens, and a chance discovery lets you catch up. (I’d like to thank MySpace for that as well).

Tomorrow should bring more joy-inducing activities. I do have a paper due Tuesday, but quite frankly, more important is my sanity. So I think a hike is in order. So the only important question is: White Clay or Brandywine? All else can be damned! 😀 Well, except that we plan to go the nursery and a home center to buy a couple of shrubs and such. It’s a glimpse into how my summer should be! It’ll be work and relaxation. No class! No deadlines. Ahhhh.

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