It’s been two weeks!? Nothing new, though. SSDD (e.g. same shit different day) as my good friend Luciana likes to say. I am fast approaching burnout, but I realized we’re about halfway through the semester? I’m not sure if that’s good or bad since I still have so much to do. This coming week I have two small papers, one larger paper, a “proposal” for my independent study, and a outline and bibliography for a paper due some time from now. The latter is the worst really, because I don’t write that way. I also have, oh, I don’t know 1000 pages to read for next week?

All that work, and guess what I’m doing tomorrow. Curse being responsible—I’m going to King of Prussia! 350+ stores of excess and trivial things. Well, most of them anyway. I do like the African imports store, Body Shop, and a few others. I need a “getaway,” though with all the people that will be there, I don’t know how relaxing it will be. However, we’re planning lunch at Bamboo Club which means MOJITOS for lunch! 😀 That’ll get me through the day.

Even though Christina Mall has many of the same stores, and Concord Mall has enough…I just need a change of pace. We were considering a trip to the Renaissance Faire, but I really don’t have time for both. 🙁 Another year doth pass since last I saw the Queene! Ay, such tragedie doth befall me! That drive is HELL from here, though, and I don’t need the stress.

Well, I’m guessing that’s enough of an update. SSDD, remember? Work (resentment and hatred for the spoiled brats who live a carefree student life). Classes (stress and hatred for uncultured students and their flip-flops!). Homework (does my forehead in the book count?). Housework (Do the Merry Maids do pro-bono work?).



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