Shining Through

Diversity is not convenient for those that need to control and/or profit from us. For their benefit, you must live every aspect of your life in a submissive system of binaries. Back/white. Christian/not. Us/them. Good/bad. There is no wiggle room, and nothing exists in between.

The world is not, has never been, and should never be locked into such binaries. It’s a system of idiocy once the convenience wears off. The shades of diversity have always been there, no matter how often people have tried to paint them over to placate their fears. Celebrating diversity has never been about “forcing multiculturalism” on anyone… but about ending the suppression of all the things that don’t fit into the fantasy of binaries.

I get that people are afraid of the unfamiliar. I get that there’s comfort in conformity and homogeneity. I get that actually thinking can be hard. But what good is a life of constant sameness. I’ve certainly never wanted to live that way—and certainly never fit into that idiocy. It’s one of the many reasons I left the South…and have no intention of returning.

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