So, I got my camera last Friday! 🙂 It’s lovely! A big investment, but the long-term use of it will outweigh the costs—no more film to get developed! Besides, student loans paid for it, which I can justify because it fits nicely into my career plans.

In a way, I feel guilty, though—spending so much on a camera when so many people I personally know make less than the purchase price in a month!! Yes, it was expensive, but thank God for Amazon.com! It was $150 less there than in stores! I will need a zoom lens for it eventually, and that’s probably a few hundred bucks! 🙁

Anyway, don’t be surprised to see me out and about, clicking away. Of course many of the pictures will end up on my website! 🙂 Finally, some way to be creative in my daily life (a life that typically sucks the living brain cells out of my head!). I will still be using my silly little phone camera too, though. It fits in my pocket, after all, and it makes it easy to sneak candid shots. The Canon won’t much allow that! click

Canon Digital Rebel XT

Simple, Limitless Performance
For convenience, ease of use and no-compromise SLR performance, look no further than the EOS Digital Rebel XT. Featuring Canon’s Digital Trinity – an 8.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor, Canon’s own DIGIC II Image Processor and compatibility with over 50 EF Lenses – the new Digital Rebel XT has an all new lightweight and compact body, improved performance across the board and the easiest operation in its class, simplifying complex tasks and ensuring the perfect shot every time. With intuitive simplicity, powerful performance and unprecedented affordability, the Rebel XT is the EOS digital camera for everyone.

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  1. I still have my K1000 too. 🙂 I’d take lots of pictures, then never get the film developed. 🙂 I got some developed last week that had been in my camera bag for, oh, 4 years! 😀 So my move to digital makes me VERY happy.

  2. I’m not quite that bad, although I did find some “disk” film from junior high years a few years ago.
    Wal-mart actually developed them!

  3. Kodak DISC film! Oh my God! LOL They still developed that? It was only around from 1982 to 1988. (I did some research.) Though, I don’t know how long film was available?

    I had one also—got it for Christmas the first year they were out. It lasted as long as the warranty! I did love the size of the camera, but the pictures weren’t so great. Though I must give them credit. Between the DISC and my sister’s 110 camera…they drove me to the 35mm!

  4. 1983-1985 was when I think I was using mine. I think it was 1995 or 96 when I got it developed. Now that I think about it – it wasn’t walmart. It was York and it took about 2 months, but I got them. Terrible photos!!!!!

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