Vermont Being Vermont

So this winter seems a bit closer to how I always imagined Vermont. Snow started before Thanksgiving and has been on the ground ever since. It’s always been a little here, a little there, without any big snowstorms to speak of, though we came close this past week.

Thursday night through Friday we finally got a pretty big one, totaling about 14 to 15 inches here in Waterbury. Sure, we occasionally got bigger snowstorms in Delaware—I recall one storm that dropped 23 inches in two days. But here in Vermont, the snow lingers and becomes part of daily life. And life goes on, regardless.

Of course, this is no Buffalo or anything, but living with nearly four months of snow is quite a new experience for me. There are now spots in the front yard where the snow will soon approach a depth of three feet, and the sidewalk is now a trench worthy of light snowball warfare, at least according to my inner 9-year-old.

I have no complaints, though—it’s just something new. And I may start an annual “Guess the peak snow depth in Glenn’s front yard” contest. There’s still time to make a guess this year!


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  1. Indeed! And you’ll get much bigger storms down that way, it just won’t linger forever. (When it melts, y’all can drive up to Vermont to see more. HA!)

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