Life in a Northern Town

I’ve been in Vermont for just over two months now, and it feels like I’ve been here my whole life. It’s comfortable. It’s peaceful. It’s home.

What’s it like for the outsider though? First off, I’ve yet to meet a cranky person. People here are relaxed, friendly, and welcoming. Even the tourists here are happy and easygoing, a far cry from the chain-smoking screech-owls common at most tourist destinations I know.

What’s it like for me? Well, I walk the half-mile to work each day. I pass by a coffee shop, useful when I’m running late, and a supermarket or drug store if I need something on the way home. I can walk to the laundromat if I want, and from my front porch, I can see three great restaurants for carryout.

I simply don’t have to drive on a normal basis. That’s what I was hoping for in NYC, but I never dreamed I’d find it in elsewhere. Of course, if I feel like something out of the ordinary, I can easily drive to Burlington or Montpelier—both have their charms and a different mix of shopping. If I need something more quaint, lots of other villages are nearby, and many have the added bonus of mountain views in all directions.

The real bonus, though: I haven’t had the urge to strangle any fellow drivers! In fact, I don’t think my middle finger has had this long a break since the mid 90s. The relaxation is likely as good for my health as the walking.

So far, only one thing really makes me nervous. Tiny Waterbury Village is surrounded by rural residents. The village is a hub for activity for surrounding areas, and that includes Halloween. It appears that just on my little block, about 400 trick-or-treaters is the norm each year. Two years ago, they had about 700. Yikes. A lot of my spare time lately is spent looking for inexpensive candy. But if that’s the most stress I’ve had in two months, I’ll certainly take it!


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