Hot, Scalding and Delicious Life

Okay, so I love occasionally stopping by Einstein Bagels in Greenville before work. But why, oh, why can’t I make it into the library without spilling my delicious hazelnut vanilla coffee all over myself? Perhaps  this is a metaphor for life. We can enjoy life, have nice things, or do things we quite enjoy—but very often we’ll spill it all over ourselves and everything around us. In other words, life is messy.

In the last few months, God knows some silly and crazy shit has come my way, and those who know me know most of it so I won’t elaborate. The latest, though, is in retrospect quite humorous—a deer took a nose-dive over a stone wall into my car on a back road near Brandywine State Park. His price to pay for the encounter, roadside death. Mine? The $500 deductible to get the car fixed. Oh well, death and mayhem happen as often as shit.

It’s also easy to be overwhelmed with classes when working so much and having so much going on outside of work. (Susanne knows how that is!) Frustration is the most effective killer of motivation. It’s all messy, so all I can do is try. I do want to graduate next spring.

So, like that delicious coffee, scalding my hand and staining everything it touches, most of life is quite worth the effort and trauma, I suppose. It’s not like we can have it any other way. Go spill some coffee!

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