Giving Sorrow Words

For the most part I’m upbeat and content—I have to be! I try to never sweat the small stuff, and I tend to sail through life brushing off any nonsense that comes my way.

The best car I ever had was totaled, and I went broke on rentals while trying to sort out the mess—to no avail. Hey, no problem!

Student loan debt has nearly doubled thanks to that “low” interest rate. Hey, no problem!

I found out my best friend… Read More …

Hot, Scalding and Delicious Life

Okay, so I love occasionally stopping by Einstein Bagels in Greenville before work. But why, oh, why can’t I make it into the library without spilling my delicious hazelnut vanilla coffee all over myself? Perhaps this is a metaphor for life. We can enjoy life, have nice things, or do things we quite enjoy—but very often we’ll spill it all over ourselves and everything around us. In other words, life is messy.

In the last few months, God knows some silly and crazy shit has come my way, and those who know me know most of it so I won’t elaborate. The latest, though, is in retrospect quite… Read More …