Happy Discoveries

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, life is pretty short. I try to spend mine discovering anything and everything, big and small, bizarre and mundane.

No matter where I go—to and from work, out for a stroll behind my building, or walking through my neighborhood—I am constantly taking inventory. My eyes scan everything around me, detecting the least little speck of something out of place. (Ask Susanne—she’s witnessed me spotting the tiniest of things in the forest floor on many of our hikes together.)

So it was nothing new to… Read More …


I love winter—I really do. I love the snow and brisk clean air, and I always have enough pockets to carry everything. (I lose things more often in summer!) But spring just inspires the soul so much more. It gives pause. Sometimes it even takes the breath away. But it almost always gives hope.

Perhaps spring just inspires the hope that all things can be reborn, at least with a new look or a fresh start, even if not with a new purpose. I keep waiting for my chance to burst out with a new identity or new direction. I keep feeling… Read More …

There’s Treasure Everywhere.

As old as I am, I still learn and see new things every day. Sure, in many ways, I’ve seen and done it all, and a few folks think I’m wise beyond my years. But put a camera in my hands and send me into the woods, and I’m like a kid in a candy store for the very first time.

While hiking dirt paths and long-closed roads, sweating like a pig, and swatting at gnats from hell, I’m still… Read More …